Sunday, 13 March 2016

Learning To Drive!

Hey guys,

Surprisingly I was baffled by the amount of ideas I could do for todays post. I will have to start prewriting so I don't have this problem! Because I have a few extra days off this week I am going to take advantage of this and pre-write a few. However I don't want to do this all the time as if I have a better idea, I would rather do that on the day than do something that I wasn't as passionate about.
I'm not too sure if that made sense however, lets get onto the post.

So recently I have started learning to drive. Which to be honest is almost surreal. I have always wanted to drive, I guess its the feeling of being in control. Or the sense of freedom.

I have only had four lessons so far, I have my fifth this Wednesday. And its at a point now where I look forward to it - and get nervous but that's just me.

My first lesson was great. I liked the car, felt comfortable and didn't even stall. It was going great.
But then the car I had my lesson in got some damage done to it so my instructor had to get a new car. And lets just say I didn't get along with this one. I must have stalled at least six times in that lesson. My mum said its because the clutch can be slightly different in each car. So where as in the first car I lifted my foot off the clutch fine, in the second one  took it off to quick. It was just horrendous.

Now he has a slightly different car which I like. so I'm going back o the way I was, thankfully. On my last lesson I did my first manoeuvre (or however you spell it). Only a simple one but not going to lie, I was quite proud of myself. It just seems to come so naturally.

I am getting to know the size of the car also. On my last few lessons I thought I was too far in the road so when I came in a little, it turns out I was right all along. But now I am getting there.

I must say though, sitting behind the wheel is so odd. I have always wanted to drive but for me to be old enough now and to have actually started to learn, it feels so weird. I still feel 10 years old sometimes, so to be finally doing something that is 'adult-y' is odd. I keep saying odd or weird but I honestly don't know what other word to describe it as. It doesn't seem real.
There's times during a lesson where I am just thinking like 'This is happening, right now I am driving a car...' and it baffles me.

I have no idea if this was interesting for you guys but I like to write subjects like these which I can read in a few years time and see how much I have changed. If you are old enough, I suggest you try and learn to drive. I know some people just don't enjoy it and chose not too. However I think everyone should at least try it, otherwise you might one day be old and regret not ever learning. You never know, you might enjoy it. If you don't, it's fine.

I hope you all have an amazing week.
Adios amigos!xo

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