Sunday, 6 March 2016

Happy Mothers Day!

Hey guys,

So today is mothers day, or 'Mothering Sunday' if you will. As I'm sure you all know it is a day to really show your mum they are loved and appreciated by you.

Firstly, you don't have to do this with money. You can just make sure they feel loved by telling them, hugging them or just spending quality time together such as watching a film you both enjoy. I mean, everyone loves a gift, and I'm not saying don't buy them one because it's not special, but showing someone you love them is more valuable than any gift.

Personally I always buy my mum slippers just because she likes to have a spare pair so every 'holiday' I get a chance to give her some, I do. She loves it. Even though she always knows she is getting some, she always acts surprised which never fails to make me smile.
This time, I decided to paint her a picture. which yes, in a way sounds childish. But that's kind of what I was going for.

When you are young and learning to write and draw - the stage where its a squiggle, typically mums keep them because of the sentimental value. I know my mum has kept a good few of mine over the years.

So I wanted this painting to mean a lot also. When I was at school one of my art home works took me forever to do but I loved it and so did my mum (although the one I'm talking about isn't her favourite which would've been better). So, I have decided to recreate the piece on an actual canvas so she can do what she likes, whether it's pretending to like it and hiding it or maybe having it on show in the house.

The point is that I have made it and had that thought, and I know my mum likes these things. I guess the creative/thoughtful gestures are the ones that mean the most. So, what I am saying is, you should spoil your mum rotten, After all, you did cause her pain for 9 months or so and then need taking care of all these years (obviously depending on how old you are).

I really love my mum and I am pretty sure she knows it. I tell her every single day. In fact, every single time I leave the same room. She is my mum and my best friend. I hope you all are the same. If you have argued lately, try and sort it out, I'm sure she is dying to do so. If your mum is in heaven, I send love and hugs to you all. (<3)

Also don't forget that this day isn't just for mums, it can also be for Grandma's and Godmothers etc. So don't forget to spoil them too!

I hope you all had a loving and great day.
Go give your mum a hug, right now. Just to show you love them.
Have a good week.

Adios amigos!xo

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