Sunday, 28 February 2016

A catch up of my weekend!

Hey guys,

So, I know this will probably be a less viewed post but to be honest... I'm  not too bothered. I don't do posts for the views, I do them because I enjoy writing them about subjects I want to write about. So, this post is going to be a little catch up session. Grab a beverage (which ever you prefer) and enjoy.

Lately, I have been a lot happier in myself and I am loving it. I seem to be smiling more and laughing more than I have in a long time. Im back to myself even though I never thought I changed at any point. I guess you don't notice or acknowledge it.

Anyway, this week wasn't much of anything but I just had to get through it for the weekend. I was so excited all through the week and when it finally came down to Friday at 4:30 when my day at college ended, I was over the moon.

Friday evening was the start of the good weekend. There is a fair in the area and obviously I had to go. So me and a few people went to this fair and I didn't have anything to eat prior to going which meant I was hungry and cold for three hours. But despite that, I still had fun. I went on a ride that I love and obviously went on the bumper cars a few times! Although there was some drama while we were there. One of the rides broke down while people were still on it. I don't actually know what the ride is called but I guess it doesn't really matter but anyway these people were trapped on the ride, in the cold for over an hour. And I feel sorry for whoever it was.

Anyway, the fair was fun but then Saturday soon came. Which meant Becky and I went to go get her nails done ready for a party we were attending later that day.

I started getting ready at something stupid like half two so that I was ready for quarter past five. Yes I need that amount of time to make sure I am satisfied with the way I look. But when it came to actually tying to find her house, it didn't go so well. We basically walked in a circle twice when it turned out to be just across from where we got off the bus.

However the party was still very fun. I met a couple of new people - literally two. Who were really nice. Darcie (who was the host) also has three dogs and I think I can say I also made friends with them, they are really cute and didn't mind them liking me haha. I probably can also say I did some embarrassing things that somehow just happened. Normally I am really shy and quiet but eventually I just stopped thinking about what to say and it was lovely yet embarrassing also.

 Either way I would definitely do it again, so thank you Darcie if you are reading! I had a great time.

And that brings it to the end of the story of my life in the past few days. Today Becky and I went back to Darcie's just to chill and that's that really.
I know this must have been a really boring post but this is mainly for my memories to look back on.
But anyway if you have any ideas for a post feel free to let me know and I hope you all have a great week!

Adios amigos!xo

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