Sunday, 7 February 2016

'What If..'

Hey guys,

So, I was planning to do a make-p related post this week however I'm not sure about it. Let me know if you want that next week or something else. Anyway, I did some 'research' of topics for a post a while back and found this one. Basically you talk about something which might never happen, or your future. For example, What if I was a millionaire? or What if I worked at a ...? I know that was a shocking explanation but I'm sure you lovely people will figure it out.

I am going to be doing What if I won the lottery'. I guess I would be a millionaire in this unrealistic story. I would say billionaire but I wouldn't want to be too greedy now would I?

Where would I start? Probably by keeping it in the bank, as depending on how much you have in the bank you get a % of interest and basically you can live off of the money that way. So I guess this would be a good way too start.

Then I would probably tell all of the people I trust about it, obviously if you tell people there is a chance they will ask for some and I wouldn't give it them. Not too be selfish but if they were an actual friend they wouldn't hate me for not giving them any.
However I would maybe give a little amount to close people.

I would give a big amount of it away to a charity that is fairly close to me, maybe one to help prevent suicide and to develop a cure for cancer. I would probably not be able to decide and just give donations to a few. - And no I am not just saying this to be nice. I would do this maybe once a month.

After that, when the money in the bank started to build, I would give some to my close family. I would help pay my parents' mortgage off so they wouldn't have to bother with that anymore. Then, because my sister and her fiancé are planning to get married, I would pay for them to have the perfect wedding. I wouldn't mind giving them quite a bit for this as you know they will probably stay together for their lifetime and obviously because they are family!

After all the selfless things are taken care with I would focus on myself. imagining this is in a few years time, I would buy myself a car, just because,  I guess its good to have one (if you like driving). I would also buy myself lots and lots and lots of new clothes because I find shopping very therapeutic.

I would buy myself a house but I actually would prefer a working farm. Me and my dad have always wanted a farm so I would also pay him to help me run it. Imagine all the cats I could have wow. I would have chickens and sell the eggs. Maybe sell the chickens but they would have to be alive, I couldn't kill one! I could also have lots of cows for milk, and horses that could be ridden on. My dad could also grow his own vegetables if he wanted, plus we would get more profit. Although I guess this wouldn't really matter, because you know, being a millionaire and all. And all of the products that would be spare or even just half of what we make would go for the less fortunate.

I could also have my own business (except the farm because we've already discussed this), maybe a magazine or film company. With a big room being my office with a desk. I would actually love that.
I guess my jobs that I would have, are very different but oh well. I'd enjoy it so does it really matter? Nope.

I don't want to drag this on any longer as im sure I could go on for a good while. I hope you enjoyed reading what I would do if I had lots of money, even though the chances of it happening are very, very slim. Oh well. We can all dream. So that's this weeks post done, I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Adios amigos!xo

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