Sunday, 31 January 2016

42 Things I Want to Do Before I Die!

Hey guys,

So, just so I know for sure you know. We are all slowly dying. I know, its quite morbid to think about but its reality, we're not going to live for eternity. Well, unless all of those fictional vampire shows prove to not actually be fictional, but doubtful.

Anyway, a bucket list is basically a list of goals and achievements you wish to achieve in your lifetime (or I guess, before you kick the bucket).

I regularly think of things that I want to achieve and maybe if I share some of these that maybe you could create yourself one of these. Some of these are maybe unrealistic because, well, lets face it ill just grow up and get a job in this town and never get to leave. Anyway, here are 42 of the things I would love to do in my lifetime.

1. TRAVEL. This could be with my best friend, partner, family or even by myself. As long I get to see what the world has to offer.

2. Go in a hot air balloon. I just think this would be fun.

3. Go to a midnight movie premier. This would have to be when I can actually stay awake until something stupid like two in the morning though!

4. Go on a cruise. Because why not?

5. Write my very own book. This would be amazing.

6. Dance in ridiculous weather conditions, like rain or even snow.

7. Save a life. I may not get a chance to do this but there are things that you can do that will help someone stay alive.

8. (for example) Give blood. I always said that I didn't want to do this but I will. Without the help of someone else' donations, my mum could've died when I was born so I owe it to someone.

9. Have a random food fight.

10. Go camping. Despite all the bugs, I think this would be fun. Some time without technology or internet sounds great!

11. Go on a road trip with someone without a destination. Just see where the road takes us.

12. Rent a beach house through the summer. This would be a dream.

13. Attend the floating lantern ceremony that takes place in Hawaii.

14. Slide down a bowling alley. Although this could be dangerous so maybe not.

15. Go zip lining. It would be like flying!

16. Play hide and seek in a shopping centre or in IKEA.

17. Try every flavour of Pringles. I bet this could make it onto anyone's list..

18. Carve my name into a tree.

19. Travel first class.

20. Have my own clothing line. Again, I may not get the chance, but still hoping!

21. Fall asleep on a trampoline. (With lots of blankets of course!)

22. Ride a jet ski.

23. Dye my hair a really random colour, like pink or blue and not tell anyone. Sorry mum.

24. Ride in a helicopter.

25. Have a walk in closet. Yes please!

26. Rope swing into water. Just like in films, this would extremely fun.

27. Visit the walk of fame.

28. Skydive for charity. (I actually want to do this in a couple of years!)

29. Go paragliding.

30. See the northern lights. (These seem like a myth and I would love to be proven wrong.)

31. Swim with dolphins.

32. Go skiing/snowboarding. Even though I would probably fall a lot!

33. Help (or even start) a charity.

34. Hold a koala. (THEY ARE SO ADORBALE)

35. Ride a horse through a field or on the beach - not fussy at all.

36. Make my own film.

37. Ride a motorbike.

38. Interview a celebrity. (Probably wont even happen but who knows, it would be lovely.)

39. Have my own radio show. This probably wouldn't end well because I'm not good at talking...

40. Go to a care home and talk to some of the lonely people. May even make a friend there.

41. Buy some homeless people a full meal.

42. Design my own homeware range. Again - probably wont even have a chance.

These are just some off my personal bucket list but feel free to also write one and share it! I think these are really nice to think about and can get you motivated to make the most out of your life. Which I guess is always a plus. I realise now that this isn't that detailed but I hope that it inspires you, even if its just a little bit, to make the most of everything. We don't want to waste our only chance now do we? (Also sorry that there isn't a picture, there isn't really anything I could include as I haven't done these yet haha!)

Adios amigos!xo

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