Sunday, 3 January 2016

My Birthday & The New Year!

Hey guys,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Long time no speak huh?

So you may have noticed that I didn't post last Sunday but that was sort of a day off for me. Besides I did post a few posts for blogmas so I thought I deserved it. I guess if any of you feel like you deserve time to yourself or  break, do it. Obviously I'm not suggesting you just don't turn up to work or education etc. but say you have lots of essays or exams, make sure you give yourself time because at the end of the day you still have to live.

Anyway, on the 31st of December it was my 17th birthday. To be honest, I wasn't that excited as the only reason to get to 17 is so you can get to 18. Although technically I can learn to drive now which is really exciting. I know some people actually dread this part but I can't wait, I just hope I'm a confident driver.

On my birthday I didn't actually do much because I  couldn't decide - I'm crap at making decisions...
In the end we all ended up at Frankie and Benny's. Which was nice, despite my mum being a pain because she's a fussy eater! But she had a good laugh with the waiter so what else can I say. It was also lovely to see Lia. She gave me one of the best gifts I've probably ever received. It was a scrapbook full of memories and funny pictures of myself. You could tell a lot of thought and effort went into the gift and I'm ever so grateful, so thank you Lia. Overall, I just had a really lovely day.

Well, that seemed like that took forever to write. I apologise if I bored you. Anyway obviously after my birthday it was the 1st of January 2016. Which means, the new year. Woo. Last year was a bit crap so I was happy to greet the new year. Now, I'm not normally one of those 'New year, new me' people, and still, I'm not. However there are a few things I would like to tweak about me and my life which I will list below. Yes, I am happy with myself but there is always room for improvement. (I will probably forget about these in a week but oh well).

1. Get out more! - I love my own company and staying in my room. But even though I'm happy in the moment, I'm wasting my life away and that's what I'm not happy with. So from now on, I will go out more, more walks to appreciate the little things the world has to offer. This one is a must.

2. Maybe eat better/exercise. - I definitely want to start eating better just to be healthier again. I would love to lose a little weight but I have accepted myself and its not so much an issue anymore. But I would love to be fit and healthy.

3. Get a bloody job. - I am half way through writing my CV so I can hand it into places so I can hopefully get a job.

I think that's everything to be quite honest. But if there are anymore then I will add them at a later date. Below are some pictures from my birthday, these are mainly for my sake but sure, you can see them too!

Adios amigos!xo

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