Monday, 19 March 2018

5 Ways to treat yourself while on a budget

Hey guys,

Before I begin, be sure to check out my last post HERE. It's basically just an update on my Psoriasis so it wont appeal to everyone. But still, got to get that self promo in there anyways.

This weeks post is a pretty chill one (what a shocker), but I was talking to my mum about budgeting. Now that I have a job and have paid all the adulty car shit, I can now take a little break from saving.

Now, obviously I don't plan on going out and wasting money. Which got me thinking, back when I had a tight budget - if any - I still managed to treat myself and feel good about myself. So I am going to list a few ways a treated myself for you guys who may be a little tight on money, looking for a job or those who just don't want to to full on 'splurge' on everything.

1. I'll start with a pretty obvious one, you can buy face masks from Superdrug and Morrison's (ect) for I think 99p each. Depending on your budget you could buy one for a family member or friends and have a little pampering session. Maybe even get the nail polish out, why not.

2. This could also go with number one but have a nice relaxing bath. Maybe get a lush bath bomb, or if this is a little pricey get some cheaper bath stuff like bath salts, bubble bath, rubber duck - again why not. Personally we only have a shower so I cant enjoy this one, if you're the same put on some of your favorite music and shake that lil booty. 

3. This again is a simple one but at Home Bargains you can buy little sachets of popcorn and cute plastic popcorn box like old school ones in films. I think you can get like three for a pound or something, so why not have a home cinema day. Make your rooms as dark as possible get some films lined up, drinks (maybe alcoholic if you're of age) and your popcorn and you're well away. I think this is one of the best ways to relax. Who doesn't love a good movie day??

4. If you don't necessarily have a tight budget, you could go out and buy a new item of clothing. Something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Then on a day you need a pick me up, wear it and feel like a boss. Or why not buy some new Pj's!? I always feel like I have my shit together when I have new Pj's on.

5. Do whatever makes you happy. So whether that is art, running, gaming, or maybe even cleaning just treat yourself without feeling guilty! If it happens to be shopping, which is what mine is, you can still do this but make sure you stay within your budget. If it makes you feel better just save more the next week.

Okay, now I honestly cannot think of anymore. But I may do a part 2 and try and come up with a few more for a future post. So keep an eye out for that folks.

Adios amigos!xo

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