Sunday, 12 June 2016

Finishing college and setting a date.

Hey guys,

This is going to be a chilled post as I am hoping to pre-write some this week. I love to do post that I feel like doing on the day, mainly because this is just my style, however because I have time off now I would just like to make the most of it. Which I say now but we all know I will end up sneaking biscuits into my room and binge watching a whole new series on Netflix. I just have that frame of mind where I don't want to waste my life away. I want to go on more trips and such with friends and family to make use of my days. So basically I want my posts to be ready so I know that I am not letting you down. Glad that's sorted. (Also this may not last long because, well... its me.)

Onto the little catch-up part. I have finished college. WHAT?! I mean, I have to go back tomorrow to give a piece of work that wouldn't upload. I could've taken it on Friday because I was off then too but I had like ten minutes before I was meant to be going out so yeah. Didn't happen. Then apart from that we have a day where we just say goodbye and celebrate and such but I think that's in a couple of weeks. So yeah, finished. But honestly I don't want to leave the course. Everyone on the course is so nice and the tutors are also so lovely so I don't want to leave them haha. I'm pretty sure I have mentioned this before so I shall carry on. Because I am only 17, I have to stay in education for another year. To be honest I'm glad because I still have no idea what I want to do. Oh well. I'm thinking of doing art next year and I have my interview but I still don't know ahhhh.

But today I went to another wedding fair/open day and it was so lovely there. Even though I was sick this morning, I made sure I was okay to go because I was so excited to see it. Mainly because I know Sam and lee have their hearts set on it so its only fair that I see it! Today they actually set a date for October and its so weird. I can't even explain it. Just because it seems like they have been together for a while - like I am so used to lee being part of the family. Now my big sister is getting married and its so nice. I am talking nonsense but its nice to see them both happy and finally (took you long enough lee!) getting married.
Obviously I took some photos, not as many as the first wedding fair but enough. So I will include some below - just my favourites.

I don't really know what else to say really. I think I will just leave it here. Next week will be better and ready, I may post it a bit earlier in the day so be warned. So until I do another catch-up - which lets face it, wont be long.

Adios amigos!xo

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