Monday, 10 October 2016

Reasons why Autumn is awesome & Halloween look!

Hey guys,

Yes, I know. Once again I didn't post on Thursday for the Beauties on Fire group. My bad! I'm pretty sure this was when the makeup I had ordered, was delivered.  So I obviously had to test it out, you cant really blame me.

Now, my favourite season is Autumn. Its the bomb if you ask me.

1. It's transitioning into cold weather! The best kind of weather. I'd rather snuggle up and be cosy than be sweating. Although, last night I wore a big jumper (the only thing that matched my makeup) out and I was pretty damn toasty all night. So maybe big jumpers are more for Winter than Autumn but still!

2. All the tress change to pretty colours. I passed some trees that were a light orange and some a deep red. So, so beautiful. I would've taken a photo but I was in the car - moving. I love how the air is cold yet everything else is warm.

3. It is acceptable to wear dark clothing. I love wearing the easier colours like black, white, maybe a little colour every now and then etc. But its just so nice to be able to wear a nice easy outfit including black and not get hot from the sun or not being the only person who isn't in summery clothes. I'm all for that black clothing.

4. ALL THE CHRISTMAS THINGS! I'm sorry (not). But all the Christmassy Decorations, cards gifts etc. come out. I've got a few gifts and most of my Christmas cards all ready just because I'm so excited. Personally I think the build up is so much better than the day itself because it lasts longer but oh well.

5. Halloween!! Obviously! This is one of my favourite days, along with Christmas and my birthday. I don't even know why I love it so much. Just the pumpkins, Halloween makeup, dressing up, eating food. I mean it is pretty great.

Leading on from the last one, I am going to include a photo that I recreated - not well, I might add, and also some with how I did it.

Credit to her, its amazing!!

I must say though that the only thing I don't like about mine is that the orange eyeshadow I have is glittery and that didn't really work out, So I would definitely recommend a matte shadow. That or a bronze shade, maybe even your contour.

Hope you enjoy, and that you are also enjoying Autumn as much as I am. I've just finished a lovely hot chocolate which you cant really do in summer! I may also do another post related to Halloween just because I love it so much, sorry not sorry.

Adios amigos!xo

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