Sunday, 19 February 2017

The 100th Catch up.

Hey guys,

This obviously isn't a 100th catch up post, just trying to throw some humour into the title haha. So funny I know.

So what's happened this week..?

Well, I've had a week off because of half term which has been very much appreciated. Have I touched any college work that needs to be done? NO. Will I leave it until last minute? YEP.

On Tuesday I passed my practical driving test. YEAH (honestly I was shitting it, sorry for the language but I was.) So now I've just got to find a car and make sure all the adult-y stuff is taken care of AKA my mum will be on that job haha thanks mummy!

The rest of the week consisted of sorting out cupboards, cleaning and searching for cars. So definitely not the most exciting week that I have had but I guess I'm okay with it for once. Having a nice relaxing week snuggling with my cat isn't so bad.

I had a bit of a bad dream last night and I feel like its a dream that's opened my eyes. Like I understand what my brain was thinking in a sense.

Basically (Not that you'll be bothered) I was taken to a really high place, maybe like the wing of a stationary plane on a hill. I don't know but something high, I hate how dreams can be vague. And some sort of man stabbed me repeatedly ranging from my arm, to my neck, to my back e.c.t. It was quite a bit busy with people around and I was full on screaming. So much so I don't think I could possibly even do that. All of the people looked straight at me and carried on doing their thing. Take that as what you will.

Also in the dream I had to run so it was basically a nightmare lmao. There was a lot more to the dream but I feel like I've spoken so much about it already and it could be boring. Maybe I could do a post dedicated to dreams I've had, the ones I remember and such. If that sounds kind of interesting or that it would at least fit with my quality of content, (Ha Ha) let me know!

I guess I will end this post here as I have ran out of moderately interesting things to talk about. So I hope you all have a great week. Are you all looking forward to March? I know Lia is as she is finally turning 18, lots of exciting things to come in March! For me (and Lia) anyway.

Adios amigos!xo

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