Sunday, 5 February 2017

What if..'Everyone was happy'

Hey guys,

Just a heads up this post is probably going to get deep. So beware.
I think I did a 'What if' post a while back, If I did I will link it HERE.

So, What if everyone was happy?

I think that's a tricky one.

Imagine this. Everyone you pass in the street are smiling. They may or may not have everything they need in life but none the less, they're happy.

 Does this mean they all have manners? Does this mean all of them are nicer people?

One thing I hate is when someone has no manners. If you do something nice for someone surly they should be grateful and say thank you and such. So if everyone was to be happy, would this mean that they think more positively of everything? That they recognise the kind gestures, and say thank you just because they're in a better mood overall?

On the other hand, do you think that people would be more generous? Maybe stereotypes wouldn't exist anymore. Maybe there would be less homeless people, maybe people wouldn't have as many problems.

Just think about it, imagine everyone you've ever passed or smiled at. (again)
They'd be smiling, non-judgemental. Kind and thoughtful of other people. They wouldn't have any issues in their life, if they did they would be minor and easily fixed.

If someone fell, would they run and help them?
If an OAP fell, would they run and help them?
If a middle aged person fell, would they run and help?
If a teenager fell, would they run and help?
If someone of any age with tattoos and piercings fell, would they help them?
If someone of any religion/race/background (etc.) fell, would they help them?

Would there be equality and less pre-judgement? Do you think everyone would be accepted?

Do you think someone could have their views totally opposite to someone else and be able to shake their hand?

In my mind, if every single person on earth was happy and positive, there would be no bad habits, no judgement, no wars, no violence, no stereotyping, no pain.

But surly we'd all get bored. What would we even work towards?
Its not reality, but What if?

I know a lot of this post has been in the form of a question, including the title... but that's the point. I'd like for people to think about this.
What do you think? Be sure to let me know, either comment or feel free to tweet me (@hardwick_katie).

Adios amigos!xo

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