Sunday, 16 April 2017

Driving like an adult now.

Hey guys,

As always I hope you all had a lovely week. Those of you in education who've had a week off, I'm sure you were all super ready for the Easter break. Me too. Although, at the beginning, I was going to use the time to catch up on work however, that hasn't worked out so now I only have a week to do a whole project (hahaHELPMEhaha). Anyway, as always I will link my last post here where I spoke about 5 things I hope to do more of.

I know I have mentioned so many times now about driving, or at least I think I have, but yesterday I drove 3 of my friends to have a meal. I felt like such an adult (you know, minus all the issues with loans, housing bills and such like). I liked it and also hated it for obvious reasons.

It was somewhere I hadn't ate before, but I must say it was so delicious. Deserves a 5/5, without a doubt. And it was pretty cheap too considering how much you could have. I also think its save to say that, Becky, Hannah & Kyle all agree haha. I bloody loved it, the meal and the company.

Afterwards they all decided that they weren't ready to go home yet and decided on a local park. It took some convincing (including a hill with a slide???) but I took them there too. I must say, the crazy golf was worth the journey alone. It was hilarious - mainly because I'd never played and was pretty crap. I actually almost hit a car...oops. I actually think I won one out of the many we did, but it was still so fun. We were always laughing, which was lovely.

Kyle almost got stuck in the slide which was quite funny, I didn't even attempt going down. I wish they did bigger slides, so adults could join in on the fun. It would've been epic. Although we got a great selfie at the top of the hill, so not bad I guess. We all also tried the 'gym' stuff which was also funny, we learned that I have no upper body strength - not that I didn't already know.

After all this I drove home but Becky was determined to have a Starbucks. So while Hannah had to leave us, we went to go be fancy in a coffee shop. We had a little chat (mainly about potential partners) and it was a great end to the day.

I must say, its been one of the best days of the year so far. I really enjoyed it. To say it was one of Becky's drunken idea's, it certainly was a good one.

I hope for more times like this.

(from the top of the world)

Adios amigos!xo

P.s. For those of you who care, we went to Toby Carvery for the meal haha.

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