Sunday, 2 April 2017

Update - Again.

Hey guys,

I'm thinking of actually doing these posts every few weeks, maybe once a month. Because after all, a blog is pretty much a public diary and I feel like a catch up fits well. So that's fun.
If you haven't read my last post (because I always forget to share the link) click HERE and enjoy.

In my last catch up post, I mentioned that I had passed my practical driving test and I was looking for a car. Well I have finally found one, and I love it. I haven't named it yet though. Maybe shelly, after Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, maybe even Howard haha. I haven't decided. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them below.

Hmm, what else has happened lately...

Lately I have been thinking about cutting my hair and dying it a little. I mean, cut my hair more of a significant amount, maybe just above boob area, or lower. Ah I don't know. I have pretty long hair but I'd love to experiment while I have the chance. But I would also love to dye my hair. But I'm too scared, hopefully I will get the courage sometime soon.

I also have so much college work to do its suffocating. I have just had no motivation what so ever for so long now, I don't know why. could be to do with the fact that im technically Aneamic now, I don't quite know how it works I just know that I was very low in iron so now I am having three tablets a day. But I must say, I haven't had my usual 4 hour afternoon nap in a while so progress! Not even exaggerating with the nap time haha.

Finally I have been trying to make my Instagram a little better. A little more than just selfies, after all, I am an art student. I just felt like it wasn't good enough. So I shall leave some images below just to give you guys a taste but hopefully I can keep it up because I always go back to the selfies haha. Not that, that's bad obviously.

flower power and all xo

Anyways that's all I can think of for this post. I'm sure if I think of something else, I'll either add it or save it for the next one haha. I hope you all have a smashing week.

Adios amigos!xo

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