Sunday, 22 October 2017

Halloween look

Hey guys,

So first of all if you haven’t read my last post where I talk about my first job you can read it HERE.

On Friday was my dads birthday and today is my mums birthday. So a busy week indeed. Although we haven’t really done anything special, it seems I’ve been busy. Because I work now from 5pm, I only have the morning with them. But still it’s been lovely. And I hope they have both enjoyed their days.

Now it means is halloween! And I’m so excited. Not that I’m doing anything special but I just love the thought of it. I might buy myself some wine and watch scary films by myself, because yes that sounds pretty good to me.

I’d love to dress up for Halloween but I don’t really have anywhere to go. Unless I go round town but I’m not sure yet. I guess I’ll ask my friends what they’re doing. (For any friends of mine reading - HINT HINT)

But yes, I did intend to do a certain makeup look for this post but I haven’t been able to get the pallet that I want to use for it yet. So hopefully I’ll just add that section into this - if I do it’ll be on Tuesday.

I’ll also add a minimal halloween look tomorrow, a more wearable one so those of you at work or whatever can still celebrate if you want. So check back tomorrow and Tuesday nights for those!

And until then,
Adios amigos!xo

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