Sunday, 15 October 2017


Hey guys,

So guess what???????

I finally got a job!

Woo, it’s about bloody time. But I can honestly say that I’m kind of enjoying it so far. There’s something’s that I still need to work on but to be fair, tonight is only my fifth day. Apparently I have picked it up quickly. I’ve obviously never had a job before this so I don’t know what’s normal but I think I have done well.

I’d say that even by now my confidence has improved immensely. Basically I work in a pizza shop, taking orders (over the phone and over the counter), get sauces and drink ready, make sure the workspace is tidy and pack up orders. I think that’s everything anyway. But because I have to greet customers and speak with confidence it has started to skyrocket. So.. go me.

I honestly thought that this would be an easy job to start out with. I’d get to learn how to use a till, be able to speak to people better (and not be awkward) and such. I’d just learn what a working environment is like. However it isn’t as easy as I anticipated.

On Friday we got so busy we were struggling to get orders out. The phone wouldn’t stop ringing, so I was constantly going from the till to the phone for like four hours straight. I do prefer it busy but not too busy like that. Mainly because, I have to answer the phones and take orders, but I also have to sort the complaints. Some woman rang up and would not stop ranting. Obviously I panicked because it’s me, and there’s nothing I can do or say. I don’t have that authority to say things like ‘we’ll give you a discount’ or whatever. In the end I had to hand over the phone to someone else and have a minute outside. I do think I’ll get better at handelling it though, it’ll just take time.

The people who order, on the phone and in the shop, have mostly been polite and very considerate. When I’m working out the change I explain that I’m new to this and they normally just wait patiently and reassure me. Which is nice. It’s just the odd few - which I can cope with.

The hours aren’t bad either, but the only problem is College now. I’m not sure whether to leave and just stay with the job now. I think I will end up leaving. Despite most people advising I stay. I still need to do a lot of thinking.

Today I got my first weeks wage. I technically only started on Wednesday but still. I’m loving having money now. I will probably spend it all tomorrow but maybe, just maybe they’ll be some left to last me the week!

So far everything is good. I’m happy.

Audi’s amigos.!xo

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