Sunday, 24 December 2017

Apology to my body.

Hey guys,

First of all, IT'S CHRISTMASSS! Well, Christmas Eve when you're probably reading this. Still very exciting. I am a lot more excited this year, I think because I can legally drink at this festive time of year. I may still be a little hungover from last night but bring on tonight!

Anyways, with the new year creeping round the corner (& my birthday) I thought this post would be a good one. I think I saw 'bodyposipanda' post something or re-post something like this on her Instagram. So here we go.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that when I used to look in the mirror all I saw were flaws - and lots of them. I'm sorry that I used to cry and hurt you when I saw you in the mirror.

I'm sorry that when I saw the stretch marks I was ashamed and wished they weren't there.

I'm sorry to my thighs. I always thought you were too big and looked worse when I sat down. I'm sorry that I saw cellulite as a flaw when you are beautiful. I'm sorry that I didn't show you any respect for carrying me through life.

I'm sorry to my breasts. I wished you were always perky and not droopy. I'm sorry that I wanted to make you smaller.

I'm sorry to my belly, for always wishing you'd disappear. I'm sorry for hiding you in embarrassment instead of embracing you. I'm sorry for not letting you breathe sometimes because I tried my very hardest to make you seem smaller to people.

I'm sorry to my back rolls. I always wore loose shirts to hide you. You're cute as hell and I love you.

I'm sorry arms, that I hid you for many years because I thought you were disgusting. I'm sorry I didn't let you breathe as much as you should have in the past summers.

I'm sorry that you haven't been given as much appreciation as you deserve. You are beautiful. You are worthy. And you definitely shouldn't hide from anyone - including yourself. I'm sorry that only now am I realising how great you actually are, you have been all along.

Lots of love Katie xo

This is a very open post for me to do and I hope it helps. All bodies are beautiful and worthy - big, small and everything in between.
I am happy to leave all these negative thoughts in 2017. There will be times when I am hormonal and feel gross but I am definitely going to treat my body with more respect.

Merry Christmas.
Adios amigos!xo

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