Sunday, 15 November 2015

First impressions of I'm a celebrity!

Hey guys,

This is a weird post but I had no idea what to write about and I'm currently watching 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here'. So I though I would write my first impressions of the 'celebrities' that have gone into the jungle.

For anyone who doesn't know the show, they ask some celebrities to go into an Australian jungle to camp for a couple of weeks where they have to do trials. These can include anything from spiders, to cockroaches to snakes.
They normally start in two teams and as they get eliminated out they join as one.
I definitely recommend the show! - it includes ant and Dec as hosts so its worth watching.

The only celebrity I know this year is George Shelley. He is from the band 'Union J' already like him so i guess I'm routing for him to win so far.

Jorgie porter, I have a negative impression of her. Personally I've never seen her before but she is quite annoying to me. She may surprise me and do well in challenges but I doubt it. For a start she wore a full face of makeup into the jungle... 

Tony Hadley, seems really nice and I honk he will do really well at trials. He seems like someone who isn't scared of much and will just get on with it. However I think maybe he will try and be the overall leader when both teams come together and they may retaliate. 

Yvette fielding seems lovely. I also want her to win. She is probably scared of a lot of bugs like the rest of them but she is hilarious anyway so I like her. 

Lady Colin Campbell is really posh and honestly thought she was going to be annoying but the more I saw her I actually liked her. I did laugh when Ant and Dec took the mock about the cookies but I think she is also lovely. I do however think she will be the one to May or may not argue with tony. I think she would be a good leader and may clash with him.

Susanna Constantine seemed really quiet  and relaxed when I first saw her but when she jumped out of the plane I knew I liked her. She concoured her biggest fear in the first half of the first episode. Well done to her! I personally think she did really well in that challenge. 

I didn't really get an impression from anyone else so that's all I have I'm afraid. I'm sorry if these are offensive to anyone because of their beliefs or impressions these are just my personal opinions and thought I'd share them. I guess I'll find out soon if my feelings are right or even if they change! 

Adios amigos!xo

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