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Hunger Games Mocking Jay part Two review!

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This isn't going to be a really good review as I like to keep things quite chilled on here but if you would like a more put together one in future let me know, and maybe also suggest some films for me to review! BEWARE - There may be spoilers in this so be prepared or don't read any further! So recently the 'Hunger Games Mocking Jay Part Two' was released and obviously I went to go see it! I saw it with my sister and it was so nice for us to go as we don't really get chance to do 'sisterly things' anymore. I really had a nice time!

Firstly, I think Jennifer Lawrence played Katniss really well - as always! She fits the character so perfectly and personally I think you can see this through out the franchise. All of the actors play the characters well but Jennifer is one of my favourites. 

One thing I really like about peeta in this film is that we see his character in a deeper way than we do in any other. Because at the end of part one, he was a weapon against Katniss.. We see how that has an effect on him. I think this part of the story line was quite interesting. Different in a way. 

I think because of the several plot twists featured it kept the storyline interesting, although some of them are quite predictable. Which you may understand if you have seen it also. However there were some parts of the film that I personally didn't think they needed to include. It made the film drag more. I don't think it helps that though when they split the last film up into two. Stop doing it Hollywood! 

There was a scene when we see primroses cat again, and I cried. Like full on tears. I have no idea why but I was very emotional at this point. Maybe the storyline.. Maybe because I love cats... We will never know. All I know is that this made me very happy because we see the cat in all of the films (I think anyway). I just loved this part of the film. 

To keep this as minimal as I can, onto my opinion of the end. I think it was a good ending but boring... It was your typical happy ending and I think because it's a franchise, I found it boring. I personally think my favourite ending from them all is mocking jay part one. As it is unexpected and a cliff hanger. We all want to know what is wrong with Peeta and if he will be okay. Especially if you're routing for him to be the one who gets chosen by Katniss. Yes the ending was cute and all but I wasn't that satisfied.  
In part one of Mocking Jay, some of the special effects looked unreal but in this one I think they did such a better job. Especially considering all of the action that happens during the film. 

Also in this film Katniss ends up choosing who she loves, Peeta or Gale. And I'm not giving it away but personally I had no idea who she was going to chose. I don't think I had actually thought it through. Obviously they both have reasons as to why they should be chosen but I just had a feeling she was going to pick the opposite. I have no idea why. I just did. I think it would've been a great idea if it ended her undecided or maybe with none of them just to keep us guessing or for something we don't normally get. Normally, if there is a love triangle, one is picked and it would be cool if we get a film where they don't pick any. 

Overall I did really enjoy the film! I loved the storyline and all the actors/actresses work. I do recommend. 

I wish I could've gone into more detail but I didnt want to give too much away! And I asked on twitter whether you wanted this blog post or if you wanted something Christmassy. Apparently this is what you wanted! So anyway, I do recommend the film if you are a hunger games fan, or any one who is interested (obviously it would make more sense if you watched them all though!). That's all for this post.

Adios amigos!xo 

Ps. Sorry this isn't the best photo but it's the only one I took!

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