Sunday, 22 January 2017

Another catch up, just like every week!

Hey guys,

I have recently realised that in most posts it is a catch up about current events and such. Which I do enjoy, and I love how relaxed it is, there's no pressure. But at the same time I want a more professional post every now and then.
So I think that the beauties on fire have decided to do the posts once ever four weeks or something. So I am thinking of doing that on a Sunday so that it will mix things up a little. I loved doing those posts and I'd love to do them again. Especially as I consider makeup as one of my hobbies now so it would be nice to involve it in my blog.

So I hope you're all excited for that because to be honest, I am. Anyway onto this little catch up..

Recently I have been in such a funk. I don't know whether it is the changes that are happening lately or what but I'm definitely in a funk.

On Friday I went out round town with some friends. This was my first proper night out as the other time I went was a Sunday and only one place was open. I was out from 8:30pm until around 5:15am. I am actually surprised I lasted that long! I enjoyed the most part although I definitely need to loosen up. I'm quite a shy person so something like this doesn't come as easy as it would for someone else, someone more outgoing. for the first few hours we were in a local that I was very comfortable in, I think this is why I enjoyed this much more. I didn't feel strange sat down, and I knew a few people in there and the surroundings. I think for me to enjoy the places in town more (because I did have a good time..) I would need to go a few more times so its not a whole new place/places. But overall it was great. and I managed to come home with a £20 note. Win win.

I wish I was more 'outgoing'. I don't think that's the most accurate word but I cant think of a better one.. I wish I could have a good time without worrying all the time. I like to be sensible and responsible and such but I don't want to waste my childhood worrying about stupid things.
I could've spent that £20 but I didn't want to use all my money I had. Why couldn't I just use it and have more fun? I frustrate myself, I really do. I will get that money back anyway so why bother? Oh well.

Also today I smashed my phone screen. God dammit. I'm not the sort of person to break valuables like this. My iPad is in perfect condition which I've had a few years more than my phone. My laptop is also fine. But today my phone broke my heart. (I'm dramatic I know..) Fair enough, it will be two years since I got it in May so it has lasted really well but still. I will be getting an upgrade in a few months but it does sadden me that it didn't make it the full way. I mean, I am over-reacting a little because I will get a new screen and everything's dandy but I still feel a little less responsible that I did yesterday. I guess accidents do happen though.

There's nothing else really to say - not a lot happens to me haha. I think I'll save another topic that I have for next week. So until then my dear friends.

Adios amigos!xo

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