Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Birthday Catchup!

Hey guys,

I know it's been a while. I hate that I haven't written sooner, and I hate that I hate it.

I was supposed to post the last blogmas post on Christmas Day but I was enjoying the day too much and totally forgot. And I made last minute plans yesterday so I didn't have time to do my normal post.
Technically I have missed Sunday's uploads before because I stay up really late to finish them but still.

I hate how I don't allow myself time off. It was my 18th birthday over the weekend so why not have a day off?! I hate how my mind works.

Anyway, I had a lovely Christmas day and I hope you all did too. After handing out presents, we had dinner and finished it off with a film. I mean, we obviously did more but you get the point.

On Saturday it was my 18th Birthday. Yes, I'm officially an adult now, how? I'm not quite sure. It was a blast. I did some cool eye makeup for myself as well as doing Lia's makeup for the meal. I was really impressed with myself. The meal was delicious and a lovely little outing. We came back for a few drinks before my dad, sister and I went to the local pub. So a good night overall.

Yesterday it was a really lovely, chilled day. Then two of my friends (Becky & Jade) decided to go to McDonald's and I went for the run. And yes maybe chips and a frappe... In our conversation we somehow managed to convince ourselves to go to town. Even though a lot of places would be shut. This was my first night in town. It was a good night although I definitely need 'pre-drinks'. It would be slightly cheaper. I wish I could've spent some money on makeup to be honest. But still I had a great time and it's been so nice to catch up with old friends over the last couple of days. Especially Jade as I haven't seen her in a few years.

I think as it's the new year, I will try and keep it going. Try and see more people. I guess, to have more of a social life. What's your new years resolutions?

Adios amigos!xo

P.s. Posts will be back to normal now, so I'll see you next Sunday!:)

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