Sunday, 15 January 2017

Dealing with a lot of change.

Hey guys,

I'm hoping I have chosen a better title by the time this goes up as it is just 'Painting?!'. What sort of title is that?

Anyway, this week has been so busy for our family. My sister Samantha has recently moved back out. If you are confused read this. She was temporarily staying with us but now has gone again. My mum has been working her ass off painting and papering and such. She's a good egg. My sister obviously has been doing a lot too.

On Wednesday I was doing coursework up until the early hours of Thursday, we're talking maybe 3:00/4:00am. Not that I haven't done this before for my last course but still. I also finish at lunch on Thursday (which is delightful) and was planning on going straight home to sleep. However I surprised myself and went and help paint. Me and my sister managed to paint a whole room and also help gloss in another, it did not take long at all.
I'm still pleased with myself.

Obviously there's not a lot I could've done as I'm at college all day Wednesday's and Thursday's and because of the deadline, I was stressed. But 'm pleased with what I did.
Not like its a big deal but I've also helped around the house a lot as no one has really been in except me. It feels nice to help out.

I went to see my sister earlier and I love how its all turned out. Even at this stage. It looks so much like a cute little home. All I cam say is that I look forward to the many times that I will be there either drinking or watching Friends - maybe even both haha.

Its going to be very strange now I wont see her in the morning and such, I will miss her but its not like she's half way up the country so I'm lucky. So expect a lot of visits from me -  I know you're reading Samantha haha.

I guess that's all for this post. I'm not quite sure on what else to mention. I am going to try and actually try with my blog soon (when I'm not stressed..), don't get me wrong, I absolutely love writing like it is my diary but I feel like I need some posts that are more professional so fingers crossed!

Adios amigos!xo

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