Sunday, 2 July 2017

End of the college year!

Hey guys,

I'm hoping this post isn't that long so I can sleep more but who knows what will happen. If it happens to fall short, feel free to read my last post HERE.

In my last post I mentioned how the college year was coming to an end and finally I have finished for summer! FINALLY. Not that I am looking forward to the sweaty, sleepless nights and bug infested rooms.

It hasn't really sunken in yet but oh well. Friday was a pretty cool day. Luke (my tutor) bought us in different types of biscuits to much on while he made us compliment each other. I honestly thought this was such a great activity for him to chose to do. I honestly didn't really look at mine until I was leaving because I wanted to see everyone else's reactions first. Turns out that one of my compliments was a favourite too which made me feel all good.

I think in this day and age its hard for someone to compliment others. Especially in person. Some would just assume they're maybe being sarcastic, its definitely ran through my mind a few times. However I do think its important to make others feel good. Say for example you think a dress suits someone, tell them. Even if you've never seen them before in your life, and probably wont ever again. Tell them. It'll make their day. Hell, maybe even their year!

I know a lot of people - British especially, cant take a compliment. For example, 'You look lovey today'. And a classic reply is 'oh don't be silly'... Almost like you cant agree. Just smile and say thank you! Maybe compliment them back.

Its okay to think you look nice. Its okay to think you have a great body. Its more than okay to agree with a compliment. I have been told that I look nice and normally I'll say, 'I know right! Thank you!' But then they laugh and reply with 'wow..' or 'I love me, who do you love?' so I understand why we typically just refuse to take any sort of compliments. But hell why shouldn't we love ourselves? I am getting side tracked here but I think it should be spoken about a lot more.

Anyways, yes it was such a cute activity and I think it was a great way to end the year. He is definitely one of the best tutors there and deserves more recognition.

I already feel ready for next year now. I still have no idea what to specialise in yet but even when I go back, I have a little bit of time to decide. I just want to really push myself. This year I was unmotivated and trying to figure out if I liked it. I was happy with passes,  even though I know I can do a lot better. Next year, I'll nail it.

I've changed and developed a lot as a person this year and I'm quite proud of myself. Last year I was very much more reserved and self conscious than I am now. I still take a while to get comfortable but still I think I have improved. I don't think there is a better group than the one I had this year. They were all so kind, no one ever had a bad word to say. There were no drama, we were all calm and having a lot of laughs - thanks again Luke.

Its been a great year and I'm excited for what next year will bring.

Adios amigos!xo

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