Monday, 17 July 2017

Love Island Predictions.

Hey guys,

So as always I will leave a link to my previous post HERE where I rambled about Baby Driver and how much I enjoyed it.

Love Island. If you don't know about this show, you may leave now and go back under the rock you've been under. Seriously though, if you have no idea what this is I'd be shocked. Basically it's a reality TV show with people trying to 'find love' - and win a big sum of money if they last until the end.

I personally quite like the show, everyone else I know hates it but still. I think it's quite interesting and funny at times. Okay maybe I'm addicted to the show but that doesn't matter right?

I'm devastated that it is coming to an end. I think this is the last week its on so I thought why not say what I think of the remaining couples and who I want to win. So enjoy.

There's no order to this but I'm going to start with my least favourite couple. Mike and Tyla. I thought her and Jonny were quite cute but she also did start to become unhappy which is never good - obviously. When Jonny left I thought that she had genuine feelings and would maybe leave in a few days with a recoupling. But it turns out that the next day, Mike re-enters the villa and she's as happy as ever. So honestly now I just think she's putting on a show. As for mike, he just seems very laid back but not in a good way. I just don't think he's having much of an impression as the others.

Sam and Georgia are quite cute. It's still early days for them but I do see them being a cute couple. They both make each other laugh which is always a bonus in any relationship I think. Maybe after a few days, they could become a strong couple in the villa, who knows.

Alex and Montana. Where do I start. They're both beautiful people. To me, they both seem like genuine people. Montana is hilarious I must say, she just has some great 'one liners' that have me laughing and I think that's why a lot of the public will like her. I love these two and they're one of my favourite couples but I cant help but think that there is a chance it's just a show. I don't get that vibe from them but I just think they could get away with it.

Chris and Olivia have had so many arguments already bless them. But that makes me think that there is a genuine connection with them. Tonight they became officially together and it was quite cute to be fair. Even though I watch it alone I did 'awww' at Olivia when she was telling Chris her list. Even though they were little things, they obviously mean something to her. For a while I thought it was just a show with these two, especially how Liv was debating on choosing Mike or Chris for the recoupling. But recently I have grown to like them. I think they have a good shot at being in the top two couples, easily.

Camilla and Jamie are hella cute. I think they are so well suited and they both deserve to be happy. Well I know Cam does, poor girl. She's been through some things in the villa but she's definitely had an impression on the public. She 100% seems honest and genuine, and like she isn't even bothered about the prize money. This just makes me love her more. They are both very intelligent people and you can see that they both just 'get' each other. Its so sweet and I can see it lasting outside the villa too. These are in  my personal top two favourites just because they're just so cute and they seem so well suited. I cant even imagine this being an act from either of them so if it is, I will be surprised.

Gabby and Marcel are amazing. These are my other favourite couple. They both seem like they're both on the same page and care for each other deeply. These two have been official for a while and even though they've had a few bumps they always talk about it like adults and move forward. To me they seem to have the normal issues like jealousy which shows they're another genuine couple to me. If they didn't care for each other at all, they wouldn't get jealous. But I think I want these to win. I hope they win, they deserve it.

Kem and Amber have been through quite a lot just like Chris and Olivia. And yet I do really like them both. Kem is bloody hilarious. Even his bromance with Chris is cute. However I do get a vibe from Amber that it could be for show but I also highly doubt it. It could have just started like that and they've just actually found the connection with each other. With these two I think they will be very popular with the public in the final episode too. Personally I just like Kem as a person, I think he deserves to be happy so I hope that Amber is being honest.

And that's all of them! That took a while... Overall I think it will be between Kem & Amber, Gabby & Marcel, and Camilla & Jamie. But it could be down to any of them, they're all very strong couples. But I will be either voting for Gabby and Marcel or Camilla and Jamie.

Who knows, maybe it'll all change in this next week. All I know for sure is that I'm going to miss being in bed for 9, no matter what. I have no idea what I'm going to do next week, probably cry.

Anyways that's all for this post, I've rambled about nothing this entire post so I'm sorry if this was a waste of your time. Hopefully it wasn't but hey ho.

Adios amigos!xo

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