Wednesday, 8 April 2020

It's a crazy world.

Hey there,

I hope you are all doing well.

We're all living through quite a crazy time and honestly I'm just writing this to distract myself or should I say 'vent'. I'm going mad here. I hate being cooped up, not that I usually go out a lot but I like having the choice. Sometimes a trip to town or such like makes me feel accomplished for the day - no idea why, I think it's mainly the drive I like.
It is really hard not seeing my boyfriend too. When I'm stressed or on edge, his hugs help. I know it sounds daft but they do. I immediately feel the weight off my shoulders and my heart stops racing. I could really do with one right about now. As I'm sure many of you are also feeling, but we can do it.

I am still working however, so that's still a bit of normality for me. Which I know a lot of you have had taken away from you. Although I do keep finding myself wishing my workplace was closed. I really don't want to put my mum at risk. My hours seem to have decreased a little again anyway so I'm not there a lot, I suppose it could be much worse.

I'm not copping as well as I'd hoped. I'm constantly stressed or anxious. This has obviously caused my Psoriasis to flare up, BAD. Recently it's been hard to lay down in bed because its so sore. I've just avoided going to bed until around 4/5 am. (I like to pass the time by crying - not necessarily about my skin.)

This is a very lonely time for a lot of people, I was hoping that because of how I write these blogs its almost like we're having a chat. Maybe??

I don't really know what else to include in this post, I feel like maybe just a catch up will do for the time being. I couldn't really just jump back in. But if any of you want to comment any posts you like of mine, maybe the music ones or recommendations for something, let me know! Even if you just drop me a message, I'd appreciate it. I have a few ideas but nothing new.

Speak soon. xo