Sunday, 4 September 2016

August Favourites!

Hey guys,

How is it already September?! Seriously though, I feel like I haven't had nearly enough time off. Please can I just stay at home and not go back to college? Thanks.

Anyway, in this post I will tell you a few things that I have loved through the month of August. Which, isn't actually a lot. I just haven't tried anything new out this month really.

Okay we have to start with food right?
These past couple of weeks, my mum and I pick up the pickled onion monster much multipacks. And I cant stop eating them! Even when my sister and her fiancĂ© come round to visit, even they cant resist. They will always be a favourite though, but it still counts. And yes they stink,  but they taste so damn good!

Onto music. Okay, I admit. I do quite like Justin Bieber's new songs (Cold Water and Let Me Love You). Because I love to do my makeup and take my time, I always have music on. And these have definitely been played. Also Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj's 'Side To Side' has also been popping up as they have finally released a music video for this. I love this song and it is one of many that I love from Ari's album 'Dangerous Woman'. If you want to see/hear what else I have been loving check out my playlist on Spotify (HERE), the ones towards the bottom are obviously more recent.

My favourite app for this month has been a favourite for a good while now. I am trying to catch up with my mum but I just cant! 'Best Fiends' is so addictive. Sometimes when its more of a difficult level you will probably avoid the app but then once you pass the level, you will be addicted again. Did that make sense? Who knows, but I like it. Its also free to download which is a plus:)).

For TV shows, It has to be Pretty Little Liars. I have been re-watching but the most recent episodes are so good! The season finale was intense! So, so much happened and it was fab. The only thing I didn't really like was that it was so predictable for Mary Drake to be Spencer's mum. But still, The best episode yet!

My makeup Favourite has to be the Sleek 'Solstice' highlighting palette. I have been using this all the time! I love looking like a glazed donut, I know that's not some peoples jam (haha) but it sure is mine. And I have recently discovered that it is better if you use the cream shade first and them one of the powders. I wish I had found this earlier! #GlazedDonutsAreFab.

Old photo but oh well.

I think that's everything to be honest. I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe found something you like the sound of. See you on Thursday with another beauties on fire post, If you want to read the previous post click here.

Adios amigos!xo

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