Friday, 18 December 2015

6 ways to decorate your bedroom for Christmas! - Day 6: 12 Days of Katie!

Hey guys,

Today's post is going to be how you can decorate your bedroom for Christmas in six ways. All of the things I am going to be mentioning, are affordable so it is easy for you to feel festive. I hope you enjoy!

1. Mini Tree's!!
Last year I really wanted a fake mini tree for my room but they were all too bulky. (That and my mum wouldn't let me..) However this year I found a really cute one. And as soon as I bought it, I saw the same types everywhere. Funny story actually... I bought the tree thinking it was fake...Yeah, it's not. So I actually have to take care of it, which might end badly. It is actually still alive - THANK GOD. But even though it isn't massively Christmassy, it is still very cute and festive. I love it. I wish it was slightly bigger though so it could have some baubles on! Oh well. I bought this for £2.50 at Wilko's and you could get a slightly bigger one for £7.00. Just in case you were wondering.

2. Baubles.
Another way to decorate your room is to buy some nice baubles and hang them around your room. I think it looks really nice, especially from the outside, if it is near the window. However I don't have a curtain pole because I just have a blind. So I can't do this. But if I include a picture then i have obviously found some way to do it.

3. Tinsel.
I know this sounds 'easy' if you like or 'boring' but it can look adorable! above a mirror, on a wall, at the window or on your desk. I think this is a really easy and probably the cheapest thing to do.

4. Snowflakes.
This is one of my favourites of the six, mainly because this can be a great activity to do. You could do this with friends or family or even just buy them. I saw some in the pound shop but didn't think to pick some up to use in a picture, silly me! You could also hang these just like the baubles. or hang them from your ceiling, which would probably look really cute.

5. Coasters.
I know, I know. Sounds odd. I get it. But I bought these cute snowflake coasters from town and by adding them to my room its add that little bit of red and to me that's Christmas. I also got matching place mats for our table on Christmas day but I am currently using one on my desk just for little things, like my tree and dish for rings. I think its cute so yeaaah. 

6. A picture.
The final one has to be a little bit of a joke but it's a picture. A picture of what you say? Well, why not use a Christmas selfie! Personally I would probably do this just because I can be vein but you could also use a Christmas family photo, or one with your friends when you were doing something related to Christmas (a meal maybe). I haven't actually done this yet but I might for a present for my mum! Haha, your welcome mum:).

That's it for this post but I hope you are enjoying blogmas, if not.. then I do apologise! Feel free to try some of these yourselves and let me know in the comments if you like them or not.

Merry Christmas
Adios amigos!xo

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