Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Visting Christmassy Places! - Day 3: 12 Days of Katie!

Hey guys,

So today's blog post is going to be mainly pictures which I'm sure you wont mind - less reading after all!

I know a couple of people who aren't in the Christmas spirit yet and I think maybe this blog post will help you, well I hope so anyway. These photos aren't the best, such as the one of the red cups in Starbucks, but this is because I wasn't sat near them so I zoomed in to look less like a weirdo.
All of these places are slightly odd but I'm sure I will be able to explain myself, so just hold on.

The first place is going to be Starbucks, weird I know. But, hey ho. I'm certain that almost all of you have seen or heard of the famous 'red cups'. At Christmas time, Starbucks change their hot drink cups into red ones in spirit of the Christmas spirit. I'm pretty sure the cup itself had a pretty pattern on but I think someone complained so they had to remove it, I have no idea. However they made sure that there were still some of the pattern involved; on the cardboard holder thingy. Any way, I thought I'd mention that as personally it's very festive. You could even be extra festive and have a gingerbread latte in a red cup. Imagine that.....


The second place is going to be on of my local pubs that sells food. Don't worry I don't go there to get drunk mainly because I'm under age...haha. But, yes, this little pub has gone all out this year, they have tinsel-type decorations on all of the ceiling, tinsel everywhere, wreaths hung...It's actually really beautiful. I constantly stared at them, almost mesmerising. I love it. At first, I thought it looked a bit busy and over the top and I normally don't like that but when I actually looked at it when I was waiting for my food, it looked gorgeous.

The last place is my local town centre. Recently, the Christmas lights were turned on by Peakfm (The radio station). To be honest it was quite boring, but the lights were really pretty so that makes up for it. While I was doing some of my Christmas shopping I took some photos of the pretty decorations so hopefully you guys can see just how pretty it actually all is. I have also included one from Meadowhall as it was to pretty to not include! One of the reasons I love this time of year is because of all the pretty things. I guess some things are tacky, but we all still love them and have them. Besides, what's Christmas without a tacky Christmas jumper eh?



That's all for this post and I'm sorry it is such a weird one, but if you are maybe in the spirit and just want somewhere to go or if you aren't in the spirit I suggest these sorts of places. I hope you are all enjoying these posts!

Merry Christmas.
Adios amigos!xo

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