Monday, 14 December 2015

Advent Calenders! - Day 2: 12 Days of Katie!

Hey guys,

So, today's post is talking about advent calenders. I know, its kind of a weird subject but I thought I'd talk about this because after all, who doesn't love opening a cardboard door and having a tiny chocolate in the early morning?

Today (the day that I am writing this) I was talking with some relatives about advent calenders and they said its silly when you get to a certain age to have these. Personally I think that I will be a sad 29 year old who has moved out and has loads of advent calenders - just for myself of course! I hope that even when I can't walk and in a care home that I get one. Just because its something that is silly yet fun.

This year I had to practically beg my mum to get me one, because she wasn't going to get one as I'm nearly 17. Like, I don't care how old I may be, I still want to open that small door and get my christmassy shaped chocolate. GIMME.

This year my mum also bought my cat one too! I love the idea of a pet version of them. Its a nice little way for them to be involved.. even if they don't know about it. Besides, if we are aloud to have a treat everyday, why shouldn't they? You can get dog and cat versions from pet stores such as Pets at Home or market stalls, and to be honest they're not even expensive. They range from £3.00 - £5.00 each, the same for both cats and dogs. BARGAIN! (in favour of all the pets out there, I suggest you invest in one next year!) You can also get little advent houses or something which you can fill with your own sweets/treats, so if your child or pet is fussy, why not get something they like and customise your own? Good idea? Of course.


I didn't expect for me to write this much about advent calenders but I guess you all got lucky! I hope you are excited for the rest of these blog posts.

Merry Christmas.
Adios amigos!xo

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