Sunday, 13 December 2015

SURPRISE! - Day 1: 12 Days of Katie!

Hey guys!

I bet you wasn't expecting this was you? Well maybe you were because after all it is Sunday...
Anyway this year I decided I was going to do blogmas, but I decided a bit late. So I have altered it so that I do 12 days instead. Also that way, I can have every post related to Christmas, and lets be real here, that makes it worth it right?

This post is basically the introduction of what I'm doing so, basically from today I am going to be putting up a blog post every single day!

I am not sure how to explain what I am planning to do, but I will give it a go. Today I am going to talk about my Christmas tree (this may be a long post!) and that is one subject because its the first day of Christmas. And tomorrow, will have another subject but with two. I guess I may as well give a spoiler to help me explain this. Tomorrow will be about advent calenders, but I will be talking about two different types. Each day the amount will increase just like the song, which I'm sure you all know which I am talking about.

Congratulations if any of you understood that! But anyway, onto today's topic.

Christmas trees! I love them. Every type, real, fake, small, tall, tacky and even ones with lights on the ends.. they're all beautiful! To be honest, I've never had a real tree. We've had the same one since I can remember and no matter now much I beg, were not having one. So I have decided when I move out, that Christmas I am having a real tree. Even if I have a room mate or partner at the time, I am having one (no discussion is needed).

I guess they can be dangerous for pets because of the needles falling off but, isn't that why they invented hoovers? To clean things up? I might not even have a pet at this point so it might not even matter but if it got too bad I would just keep a guard or something around it I don't know.

But, today is the 13th which's time to put up the tree! I wish I could've had a real tree but my mum has actually let us have a new one this year! However we haven't had time to actually get one so we have had to deal with the one we have. She also still wont let me get new baubles even though the ones we have currently are falling apart. (Mum I know you are reading this...)

This year I've also bought a tiny tree from Wilko's which was £2.50. I was actually really chuffed with myself no idea why to be honest. I actually realised when I got home that it is in fact real.. Yeah, I'm not good at keeping things alive except myself and the cat. However it is still alive so maybe, just maybe it will still be alive for Christmas.

There's something about putting up the tree that makes me really happy. We always have lots of Christmas songs on full blast, eating chocolates as we go along. I love it. If you don't, then I guess hello Scrooge!


Well that's the end of this post. How exciting is this though, a post everyday?! I hope you're all excited anyway. Awkward if you aren't. Oh well. I love you all.

Merry Christmas.
Adios amigos!xo

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