Monday, 7 December 2015

Meet Guiney!

Hey guys,

So this weeks post is a tiny bit weird. Sorry! But I thought I'd change things up a bit and maybe meet some other cat obsessed people.

Anyway, yes. Guiney (g-w-in-ey, just because I know a lot of people don't know how to pronounce it!) is my pet cat. Although she didn't used to be mine. She used to be my sisters, and just to clarify my sister named her. Personally I love the name, it suits her a lot. However I know some people are like, huh? On her head there is actually a 'crown' shape in her fur and i think this is why my sister decided on her name.

Guiney is 10 years old and is still really small. Some people ask how old she is and are shocked when I say because she is so much smaller than an average cat. Now, I'm probably making her out to be tiny.. she isn't but cats can grow bigger. And believe it or not, she actually gets bullied by other local cats because of this. Which is really odd to think about but is actually quite sad.

I don't know what it is about her but she always manages to make me happy and I'm sure any pet owner will agree that their pet makes them very happy they instantly see them. I am just like that with Guiney. I can come home from a really crappy day from college or whatever and then when I see her it all goes into a good day.

However she is getting really old now and I am absolutely dreading it because at the end of the day, Guiney helps me get through a lot. And if she goes, how will I cope? How will I cope with her going without her to be there to comfort me? I just keep giving her the biggest of hugs everyday so I know I wont regret not seeing her.

Anyway, as I'm sure I'm boring you, I'm going to leave it there and just include some adorable pictures of her below, you will even see one of her 'crown'. I may also add more to this as it isn't as detailed as I would've liked but I am actually really tired so goodnight my friends!

Adios amigos!xo

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