Sunday, 20 December 2015

Gift guide! - Day 8: 12 Days of Katie!

Hey guys,

This post is going to be me giving you some simple gift ideas for for the people you know and love. I have based these presents on the people that I am buying for however I have tried to include presents that would be perfect for anyone.

So the first person I will be giving examples for is My mum. Because, why not start here. After all she did give birth to me... Anyway my mum always, without a doubt, asks for some slippers. Whether that is for her birthday, Christmas, or Mother's Day. Sometimes I will get her some throughout the year just because she loves them. I only get her the ones from Primark that are around £4. They have memory foam in the bottom and she really likes them. Although they do wear down after a while which is good for me because then I always have something I can get her. Another gift you could get your mum could be a DVD/CD. Which ever they would prefer most I guess. I saw a CD advertised the other day, something about country songs and I was going to get that mum because we were both singing along to the advert. However she got it so my dad can give it her. But if you know your mums well, which I'm pretty sure you will then it wont be difficult to find something she would enjoy. You could also opt for something you would enjoy too and then you can have some time together. Mums love that too.

Carrying on with family members, I will go onto the dad's. Normally, they receive socks or PJ's mostly, in fact any grown man does. Guaranteed. This is the easy option. For my dad, I sometimes get him an Xbox game. However, now because we have an Xbox one, the games seem to be more out of my budget. So, I seem to have switched to little gadgets or fun things (but if you can afford it, go for one that would suit them). For example, this year I went into the gadget shop in Meadowhall (I cant remember the name) and picked something up for him. I can't quite describe it but I will leave a picture anyway. Basically it's a little elastic band gun. About the size of your hand and it also turns into a pen, WOW. Not going to lie... I was slightly impressed and it was only £5.

The next relative I will give ideas for is a sibling. This might not even appeal to you, but I guess this could work for a cousin or anyone. I have a sister and her birthday is actually Christmas Eve so it's really hard to find several presents, or even remember that I need to pick up two presents instead of just one like everyone else. However this year I had previously written down what she asked for so I had an advantage. I'm not actually too sure whether she reads my posts so I'm not going to say what I got her but if your sibling has a hobby then that might be a good place to start. Maybe a colouring book. This can work for all ages, because there are colouring books for adults in order to de-stress. I actually have one and I recommend them for anyone. But you get the idea.

The last person I will give ideas for is a friend. I'm not too sure on what to suggest because at the end of the day it just depends on the person. I have bought one of my close friends some PJ's, quite sad I know but they have Micky Mouse on and she loves that. I guess you could get your friend a onesie (still not sure on how to spell that!) and maybe get a matching one. I also always get friends something sweet to eat, which I guess is a bad idea because everyone does this but oh well! And if you like to get your friend several things why not just get little bits and bobs that you think they'll like. If you go shopping with them and they say they like something write it down and get it them. That's pretty much all I suggest.

(Credit to Tom for this photo!)

I know that this might not help a lot of people but if it helps just one person then I'm happy with that. I wish I could be more helpful but I just based this on people I know and some of them read my posts so I am limited as to what I can say so apologies!

Merry Christmas.
Adios amigos!xo

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