Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Childhood Christmas & Traditions! : Blogmas Day 2.

Hey guys,

Gosh I wish I had pre-written...I am deeply sorry for the late uploads but I guess you're all used to it!

This festive post is all about Christmas traditions, mainly anyway. I have a photo from a good few years ago, from when I was younger. I will include it later on but it made me think of all of the other things people do on the day. For us, we would always have to get dressed (sometimes we could get away with this), wash and brush our teeth and also have breakfast while everyone else were getting up. This was torture as a child, like LET ME GET MY PRESENTS. My mum also likes to spoil us so I would always look forward to seeing my pile. Although, despite having a bigger pile, it didn't mean that my mum spent lots on presents which I like.

Who thought it was a good idea to give me those scissors?!

As more of an adult I have to look at the prices more now (lucky me..), so I can actually look back and see that you can actually make someone feel spoilt and happy with even a little budget. I am hoping to do a Gift Guide later on in the posts (so keep an eye out), I say later on because I still need some presents...OOPS.

Back to the day, after all of the presents we would have a little time to open them and such maybe a little play before taking them upstairs to be put away. Although I was able to keep most downstairs as I would show my momma my new toys. Now she has Alzheimer's I don't get to do that anymore, granted I don't get stuff like that anymore - haha - but still.
Lets be honest here for a second. The Christmas dinner never disappoints. Although it's not the same without the whole family but still, absolutely delicious.

I don't really remember the evenings but I suppose this was when I played a CD and crafted with my mum in the kitchen while, my sister and dad would watch a new film in the living room. I love how simple things are all day but it is still awesome. I'd love to know what traditions you have or if you remember a certain Christmas - leave in comments obviously.

I hope you're all super excited for Christmas, and keeping up with your advent calendar's! I keep forgetting! Oh well.

Merry Christmas.
Adios amigos!xo

Old photo but oh well.
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