Thursday, 15 December 2016

Christmas Makeup & nails. Day 3: 12 days of Blogmas!

Hey guys,

So, today I have felt vey festive. Like very festive. I had college today but we didn't do any work ( we set up our exhibition) and we got to leave over and hour early. I took this chance to look for some baubles and a Christmas jumper, did I find any...? NO. Still, I bough flowers and iced fingers for my mum and doughnuts for my dad, sister and I. Because I wasn't just buying for myself, it made me feel ever so more Christmassy.

I may have to use an old Christmas jumper tomorrow but I do feel very festive. When I got home applied some red-ish toned makeup ready for going back to college (the exhibition), so I will include a photo below. I used all drugstore brands - obviously, I can even barely afford them...
I also love how I put gold shimmer in the inner corner and dragged it into the crease slightly (like I did with the Ravenclaw makeup which you can read HERE. I think the red and gold compliment each other and really shouts YAY CHRISTMAS. I must say that I have changed my lipstick, for no apparent reason, to Bourjois, Plum Plum Girl and it suits the looks very well. I would definitely reach for this for this festive season.

I am currently in the process of painting my nails for tomorrow, as its the last day at college for the holidays. I like to make an effort, what can I say. I am using Barry M, matte nail paint in 'Crush/551'. And I'm also thinking of adding blue and white snowflakes, just with some of Primark's nail polish. I will also include a photo of this below. Although I must apologise, it is late and I keep shaking for some strange reason. But here it goes.

ew, awful nails.

Well, that didn't go well at all. I forgot I don't have any professional tools to do nice little snowflakes, they just look like a messy blobs. I will include a picture because they're making me chuckle just looking at them. Not even joking.

This post was mainly to give a little inspiration for creativity. I mean, I just tried painting snowflakes with a nail file.. why not try something new too. go bold for makeup or even tone it down. Something out of your comfort zone. I'm still going to keep my nail polish on because in stead of having an 'Ugly Christmas Jumper' I have 'Ugly Christmas Nail Art'. I'm pretty sure it'll catch on... Haha.

Any who, I'm going to hopefully sleep now so that I'm not too tired for tomorrow, hopefully it'll go by quickly. Fingers Crossed. Also before I finish this post, I have been using a new drawing app on my iPad and wanted to share something I drew today. I love it, and hope you guys do too!

Merry Christmas.
Adios amigos!xo

Are you caught up?

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